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Car stickers tricky sticky film easy to make eye fatigue

2017-02-20 08:38:43 Zhejiang Yiya New Material Co., Ltd. Read

Summer arrived, the owners are also keen to give their own car foil, car foil and more tricky. There are indeed a lot of problems on the market solar film. Poor car film easy to make eye fatigue. The industry to remind, choose car film, be sure to go to the formal brand agency shop; film construction, but also as much as possible to choose a full-time car decoration shop.

A long-term sales of automotive supplies Mr. Li told the author, the purchase of solar film should not only care about the price is cheap, the key is to see its visibility, heat insulation, explosion-proof, there is to see the brand. Different stores, the price of solar film is not the same, low only 700 yuan, up to 3000 to 5,000 yuan, or even 7,000 yuan, the most expensive and the cheapest car film price difference between the poor.

In addition to the price difference between different brands, different shops selling the same brand, the price there is a big difference. Such as the 3M brand of infinite scenery products for a car full car glass film costs, a car decoration beauty shop price of 2200 yuan, while another car decoration shop is priced at 1,600 yuan. Asked why the price of the film so much difference, the decorating shop clerk said: they are into the "parallel imports", the price of course cheap.

It is understood that shoddy car film stability is very poor, in the strong ultraviolet radiation is easy to break down, aging, loss of heat insulation. And the poor quality of the film is very poor light transmission, it is easy to produce light refraction and chaos, always foggy feeling, easy to make the driver eye fatigue, serious traffic accidents will occur, endanger the owners and passengers life safety.

Car foil paste more than the poor quality of the film easy to make eye fatigue, but this is linked to life safety, be sure to choose the car when the film more cautious, to full-time quality of the car repair shop to buy and paste.