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Car maintenance: autumn car film essential quality technology are important

2017-02-20 08:37:54 Zhejiang Yiya New Material Co., Ltd. Read

Car maintenance: autumn car film essential quality technology are important, the sun's ultraviolet light is also very easy to damage the occupants of the skin, resulting in aging and fading parts of the interior. Therefore, the fall of the car for film protection is necessary. So when the car maintenance must pay attention to their own car color.

The car foil is different from other car care products, and its maintenance effect depends not only on the quality of the car foil itself, but also on the installation of the product and the quality of the technical staff. So, how can we ensure that the car foil to play its best curing effect?

First, understand the role of car film

1, thermal insulation sunscreen film can be a good solution to the infrared generated a lot of heat.

2, separated by UV genuine insulation film can cut off 99% of the UV. Prevent skin damage, but also reduce the aging of the car interior.

3, safety and explosion-proof membrane of the base for the polyester film, there is a very tear-resistant anti-breakdown function to prevent the accidental destruction of the glass caused by the officers and soldiers caused secondary damage.

4, to create a private space to retain privacy and security.

5, reduce air conditioning fuel consumption air conditioning fuel consumption reduced by nearly 15%. Paste the insulation film air conditioning cooling capacity loss can be made up, can instantly reduce the temperature inside the car, to achieve a certain degree of savings in fuel consumption.

6, increase the beauty according to personal preferences, through the film to personalized beautiful car.

7, anti-glare to keep the eyes comfortable. Improve traffic safety

Second, master the selection of automotive film essentials

1. First consider the transmittance and clarity

Transparent too low car model is likely to cause security risks, especially the front should be selected more than 70 light transmission.

2. Also consider the heat insulation of the car

Insulation is an important indicator of the performance of the car, high-quality automotive film can reflect the infrared, to a large extent reduce the temperature inside the car, thereby reducing air conditioning load, reduce fuel consumption and improve fuel economy.

3. need to consider the car film UV blocking rate

High-quality car film, can effectively prevent pedestrians in the car was excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation, severe burn the skin, thereby enhancing the ride comfort of the car, but also to a large extent to protect the interior.